Creating a garment is like writing a code. The designer imagines an idea, develops it into a concept, and anchors herself down to craft it thread by thread, piece by piece, zipper by zipper. On a hanger, the garment is a labyrinth of threads and tags, suspended and still until the wearer lends it her arms, and in that moment it is the garment itself, the program; that begins to create. The program is designed to operate within a specific set of rules; but it is the exceptions that the wearer introduces to these rules that gives each garment its distinction. The way the program operates is a function of the user input; the way the wearer chooses to operate the garment. #thesingularity is a collection premised on the relationship between the machine and its master, between the garment and its wearer, between what we are given and what we desire. The codes have been written and the garments have been constructed, but it is the responsibility of the operator of each to command the execution. With no room for input a garment becomes static, cursed to loop eternally long after its wearer loses interest. When the wearer is given an opportunity to alter the input and transform the way the piece was intended to be worn, the garment becomes dynamic and the number of possible return results becomes infinite. 

The world we live in is becoming one in which the program operates the user, and #thesingularity is the beginning of a transfer of power. These pieces operate only as a function of your input: make the machine work for you. This is your call to arms.

-Nicole Marét