I believe tenaciously in the power of the unknown, and that life is made rich by pursing deeper relationships with uncharted matters. We only learn and evolve when our intellect is challenged with something novel and unexpected, and this is what drives me as a person and as a professional creative. Simultaneously radiant and flirtatious with the macabre, I live for the defiance of expectation, the arguably unorthodox, and the fine thread between darkness and light. 

My world is one in which innovation and ardor supersede boundaries and rules; an environment of suspended disbelief where the laws of magic trump those of logic and reason. This collection of pixels is my endeavor to share what I get out of bed for before the sun rises, and what I abandon sleep for as it begins to set again. From fashion to film to graphic design and back again, I thrive on the potential of Chicago’s creative soul and am on a ruthless quest to help brand this city as a truly visionary one. I believe that the full force of some of its most brilliantly inventive minds has yet to fully flourish, and I aspire to contribute to that force one project at a time. 

If I’m not threading needles well into the witching hour or furiously sketching on any available surface, I can usually be found buried in a Tom Wolfe book or spoiling my pet fox.  A typography and hairspray aficionado both shorter and smarter than I appear, I dabble in the preposterous and have a penchant for red lipstick, magic and single-malt scotch. I received my BA in Art Studio at UC Santa Barbara, my BFA in Fashion Design at ILIA - Chicago, and I operate locally as an independent graphic consultant, costume designer, sewing instructor and owner/designer of  T H E  Ø R D E R.